ISOA Leadership



President - Steve Fedota

Current Term Expires: 4-1-23

Term Limit Reached: 4-1-23

Steve Fedota, President of the Illinois Swimming Official's Association, lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, so you will often see him officiating in the north, northwest and western suburbs of Chicago, as well as in the City of Chicago. Approaching 16 years as a Certified IHSA Swimming and Diving official, Steve is regularly in attendance at both the girl's and boy's state championship meets. When not on the pool deck, Dr. Fedota is a university professor and runs a Human Resourse strategy and employee benefits consulting firm.


Vice-President - Gwen VanSteen

Current Term Expires: 4-1-24

Term Limit Reached: 4-1-28

Gwen is currently the Vice-President of the ISOA. She is a 15-year IHSA veteran, and is a Certified level official. Gwen was awarded the ISOA's "Most Improved Official" award in 2020, followed by the IHSA Official of the Year award in 2021 for Girl's Swimming & Diving. Gwen has served as a Starter and Diving Referee for Sectional meets, and has served on the judging panel at the State Final. When not on the pool deck, Gwen manages a small garden center and helps homeowners design landscaping.


Secretary - Jim Katula

Current Term Expires: 4-1-24

Term Limit Reached: 4-1-24

Jim Katula serves the ISOA Board of Directors as the secretary. Currently in his second term in office, Jim can be seen at meets throughout the Chicagoland area. Living in the south suburbs and working in the far-western suburbs has created the need for Jim to spread his wings to some new venues. In his 17 years of officiating in Illinois, Jim has been the Meet Referee for several girl's and boy's Sectional swim meets and a Diving Judge at the State Final. When not officiating swimming, Jim can be found officiating high school and collegiate softball, football and USTA tennis. He lives with his wife and granddaughter (an ADA swimmer) and at least 2 dogs while acting as the high school science department at a very small high school somewhere between North Aurora and Batavia.


Treasurer - Fred Gafrick

Current Term Expires: 4-1-23

Term Limit Reached: 4-1-27

Fred Gafrick is the second longest-serving treasurer in the storied history of the ISOA. A 15-year experienced official for swimming, diving and water polo, he enjoys giving back to the sports he enjoyed in his formative years. Outside of the IHSA, he serves as the meet referee for the Illinois Special Olympics Aquatics State Games. When not in IHSA whites, he enjoys teaching math and science to high school students with disabilities, golfing, and fishing.


Member At Large - Mike Hutton

Current Term Expires: 4-1-23

Term Limit Reached: 4-1-23

Mike has been an IHSA Swimming and Diving official for 33 years, having first been licensed in 1990. Mike is currently serving the IHSA as the Coordinator of Officials for both boy's and girl's swimming and diving, as a rules interpreter and as a clinician. Mike also serves on the Swimming and Diving Advisory Committee and has previously served two terms on the Offical's Advisory Committee. Mike was the IHSA Official of the Year for boy's Swimming and Diving in 2004 and for girl's Swimming and Diving in 2011. Mike is the 2007 recipient of the Romsted-Drumm Award from the Illinois Swimming Association. In 2018, Mike received the Official of the Year award from the ISOA. Also in 2018, Mike became only the second Swimming and Diving official to receive the IHSA Distinguished Service Award. Combining both boy's and girl's seasons, Mike has officiated over 1200 dual meets, 57 Sectional meets and 54 State Final events. Mike has also been an IHSA water polo official for 20 years. He and his wife live in the northwest suburbs.





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