The Second Quarter Income Statement Is Now Available (added 6-27-24)

The 2Q 2024 Income Statement is now available by clicking the link in the title bar on the right side of this page or by going to the "Our Services" link and selecting "Income Statements."


Items of Note (added 6-12-24)

At the most recent (and final) board meeting for the 2023-24 school year, the IHSA Board of Directors approved the following items that will apply to Swimming & Diving for the 2024-25 school year:

1 - The State Final qualifying times recommended by the Swimming & Diving Advisory Committee were approved.

2 - All State-Series (Sectional and State Final) officials will receive a pay increase beginning next year. Final amounts are TBA.

3 - The mileage reimbursement rate for State Series officials who travel a minimum of 70 round-trip miles to work their meet will be 45 cents (up from 30 cents) per mile.

4 - And finally, there are now defined penalties for coaches who don't rate officials. A minimum number of ratings (by sport) has been established. Coaches who don't meet this target face progressive sanctions by the IHSA, which could eventually lead to being suspended from coaching the State Series meets. This will apply to all sports, but many officials for years have complained about a lack of ratings. Now - there is finally been some acknowledgement of the issue by the IHSA.

A link to the full Board Meeting summary is AVAILABLE HERE.


Clinics (added 5-31-24)

There will be three (3) clinics available to officials prior to the 2024-25 school term. The first will be offered at the IHSA Official's Conference in July, and the other two will be offered via ZOOM in August.

You may register for the July clinic and conference when you renew your license. The August ZOOM clinics will be offered by invitation-only to those with the greatest need, and then eventually opened to all officials later in July for any remaining spots.

The priority for invitations to the August clinics will be similar to recent years:

1 - New officials who have never had a clinic.

2 - Officials on probation for no clinic within the last 3 years.

3 - Officials about to be on probation without a clinic soon.

All clinics will be Level 2 clinics, and will be capped at 40 officials per clinic.


License Renewal Is Now Open! (updated 5-31-24)

Returning Officials: The IHSA licensing center is now open! You have until July 31 to renew your license and avoid a late fee.

Swimming & Diving officials are not scheduled to automatically receive new rule books this year, but you may purchase one through the renewal process for $10. You may also register for the IHSA Official's Conference in July as well.

To renew, please log-on to your IHSA Official's Center and follow the prompts. Please also remember that if you need to complete your concussion and/or hate speech training, beginning July 1, you will not be listed in any directory of officials until that is also complete. The system will prompt you if you're due for either one.


New Officials: If you are not currently licensed with the IHSA but want to join the ranks, we're happy to welcome you aboard! You may begin the IHSA licensing process by CLICKING HERE.


2024-25 NFHS Rule Changes Announced (updated 4-24-24)

The NFHS Swimming & Diving Rule Changes for 2024-25 can be read by CLICKING HERE.

Comments on the changes may be FOUND HERE.

Points of Emphasis can be FOUND HERE